Conference (Online): Addressing Sustainable Development Goals

GWCN Director General, Dr. Roger Achkar, is a keynote speaker at the concatenated events organized by Mapúa University, Philippines (GWCN member organization) on 14-17 September 2021. These events focus on the sustainable development goals (SDGs) highlighting how research and academic programs would contribute to giving solutions to SDGs. Dr. Achkar's presentation will be about Climate Change and Sustainable Development.

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Webinar: Accelerating NET ZERO with GREEN GAS

In this webinar which is supported by GWCN, you’ll learn not only the vital role of green gases for net-zero energy systems by 2050 but also how AB Energy UK’s technologies could help your business in reducing emissions in the most cost-efficient way.

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Webinar: Waste Management and Sustainability

This webinar which is organized by our member Y4CAP and supported by GWCN, would enhance the knowledge on the management of waste and about leading a sustainable lifestyle by understanding the impact of waste in our near future.

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Webinar: Sustainable Construction for a Better Living Environment

This webinar supported by GWCN and organized by Vietnam Green Building Council (Member of GWCN) and Eurocham Green Growth Sector Committee, will illustrate the role of the Construction sector toward Green City and better living environment as well as the direction for Green building material development in Vietnam.

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Webinar: Confused by Light – Light Pollution and its Consequences on Animals

For billions of years, nights—especially moonless nights—were dark. However in the last 150 years human urbanisation has transformed our nocturnal landscape, so that now more than one third of the human population is no longer able to see the Milky Way. Light pollution is expanding every year by around 6%, affecting more organisms, including plants, fungi, bacteria and animals.

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