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Impact of Forest Ecosystems and Deforestation on the Climate

AuthorMs. Giulia PristeràAbbreviationsBVOC=Biogenic Volatile Organic CompoundsCCS=Carbon Capture and StorageET=EvapotranspirationFAO=Food and Agriculture OrganizationGHG=Greenhouse GasIPCC=Intergovernmental Panel on Climate ChangeLST=Land Surface TemperatureLUC=Land Use ChangeSLCF=Short-Lived Climate ForcersSOA=Secondary Organic AerosolAbstractForests cover an area equal to...

Global Reforestation: Drivers of Success and Failure

Presentation prepared for GWCN by Mariam Titus George

Consequences of Deforestation on the Environment

For as much as the causes of deforestation could keep being put up for a continuous debate, the fact of the matter is that it represents an environmental issue. Namely,...
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